AP Environmental Science

1) How many different volcano types are there?

a. 3
b. 6
c. 9
d. 12
e. 45

2) What are the two climate effects caused by Volcanic eruptions?

a. Haze and Rainbow effect
b. Dusty and Ash effect
c. Greenhouse and Global Warming effect
d. Sunny and Cloudy effect
e. Haze and Greenhouse effect

3) What was the name of the ancient city buried by an eruption?

a. Pompeii
b. Thebes
c. Jerusalem
d. Thermopylae
e. Las Vegas

4) What does the Ring of Fire consist of?

a. Rocks
b. Water
c. Islands on fire
d. Volcanoes
e. A flaming horseshoe

5) After the initial eruption of a composite volcano, What happens?

a. Rainbows and candy shoot out in all directions
b. Hot water pours out of the volcano.
c. Ash and dust erupt
d. Rock fragments shoot from the volcano and crash in the surrounding area.
e. Lava pours down the mountain and ash and dust are shot into the air.